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Friday 18th June - Rotorua
By Claire
Friday, 18th June 2004 23:01

It rained all day today. Absolutely chucked it down. When we got to the first wildlife park it was raining so hard we didn't think we'd see anything, so we headed for an indoor attraction. The Kiwi Encounter was quite fun despite them not having eggs or baby kiwis this time of year, and there was a tour round the conservation project - incubators and hatching areas, that sort of thing. We saw one kiwi, about 40 years old and very grumpy, in a darkened fake forest they'd built for her. There was also a nice exhibition about the wingless birds. They're really quite cool.

Also at the park was a walk round a nature park with a lot of trout and trees. It poured with rain but we took umbrellas and managed to stay mostly dry. It was freezing though.

Back at the hostel we made supper and spent the evening watching videos. It's still raining.

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