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Monday 12th April
By Claire
Saturday, 17th April 2004 23:58

Didn't do much today. We realised a couple of days ago just how much we've done in 10 days, so we don't feel guilty taking it easy every now and then. Besides, we're getting through travellers' cheques at quite a rate with tours or bus rides almost every day! It seems like we've been gone months, (and I'm already looking forward to Christmas lunch) so I really don't know what it'll be like in another 30 or so weeks' time!

For some reason, probably my innate inability to look at a map and make any sort of sense of it, I thought Merida was on the sea. It's not, so I changed out of my bikini and flip flops and we did a quick bit of washing as the hostel had a washing line in the garden (and our clothes from Palenque weren't making friends with the rest of our luggage). The nice hostel people gave us a map, circled the important parts, and we headed off to stand in an air-conditioned bank for an hour to change more money. Then a cafe for lunch (I've been living on salads, fresh, fantastically sweet orange juice and the occasional taco or tortilla), internet stuff (the first time I've had a chance to look up people's addresses, sorry about that) a sit in the square, a wander round the town and and ice cream, a quick visit to the church (Mass going on) and a saunter back to the hostel. All our washing is dry, there's salsa lessons going on in the yard, a local man is singing and playing his guitar and it's still quite hot, very humid, and trying to rain. I didn't buy a hammock, partly because I don't have the Spanish yet to ask someone how to send it home and partly because Mikey says I can e-mail the shop next year and ask them to send me one if I really, really still want one. Sleep now, possibly off to some caves or other tomorrow, and then the day after, which, by my little date thing on my watch says should be Wendesday, it's off to Cancun which I know for sure is on the sea cos all the websites say so. All the contact I've had from the hostel there has been along the lines of 'hey, relax, take it easy' which sounds promising.

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