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Saturday 2nd October - Bangkok
By Claire
Monday, 4th October 2004 06:31

As always happens when you have a chance to sleep, we woke up reasonably early. I was struggling with my diaries and trying to work out what wat was what in the photos, and then we went into town for some shopping. We had a long list, and I generally hate shopping, but this one worked out well. We exchanged books in a book exchange, bought souveneirs and a few essentials, and had plenty of doughnuts. It was evening by the time we finished, and we went to a cafe for supper. Afterwards I went across the road to a massage place for some lovely reflexology. I explained to the girl that my toe might be broken, and she was really careful - of the one next to it. When she realised that there was a black and slightly twisted toe there, staring at her with swollen bemusement, she was very embarassed, but it didn't hurt that much. She finished off with a great shoulder massage and something that involved climbing onto me and pulling my arms behind my back and then twisting me until all my bones creaked, but it felt good. Suitably de-shopped, I went back, tried to write diary and then packed my bag for the morning.

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