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Thursday 7th October - Hong Kong
By Claire
Saturday, 9th October 2004 04:59

After a sandwich for brunch we spent a while on the internet and then decided that, because our China visa will take a while when we get back and there's likely to be little space on the Beijing train, we might have a chance to see the Eagles do their farewell concert, the one on all the television, radio and poster adverts since Auckland. We found the ticket office and bought tickets, feeling a little guilty about the suddenness of our decision. We had the cheapest seats, cos we couldn't afford hundreds of pounds, and as we left, a lady commented, saying 'Oh, you're going to see the Eagles!' There was absolutely no response we could make to that; we couldn't say that we'd always wanted to or that we were great fans, or that there was a long, personal story leading up to the decision, or that I'd never heard of them until April. So we just smiled as we left. It's weird. You probably had to be there.

We picked up our laundry, spent another forty-five minutes talking to Tommy about life (or rather, listening to him talking about life) and then wandered out again. Mikey did some website things, I read some stuff and we went back to the lovely fast-food place we'd tried on the first night for some more barbecue pork. We walked home past all the puppies and kittens in the pet shops and then Rupert phoned again (because he knows where we are) and we packed our bags. We also booked the week in the hotel when we come back from Japan. This led to another of Tommy's lengthy discussions and the procurement of a mooncake from his wife. His daughter invited us to a party, which we turned down and we had the mooncake (very, very sweet fondant with peanuts and something dry, yellow and pea-like in the middle) while watching telly. It's going to be an international trade fair when we get back to Hong Kong so we'll be staying in another guesthouse for a few days ('small, a bit dirty, no shower, expensive' says Tommy with enthusiasm) before moving back in here. Off to Tokyo in the morning.

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