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Sunday 9th May - Lima
By Claire
Thursday, 13th May 2004 23:33

I had a lie-in this morning while Mikey tried to get some of his photos resized and ready to put on the website. We went out for a wander in Mirafllores, the nice part of Lima, and it was a lovely sunny morning, mid 20s (that's the 80s for old people) and tried to find somewhere to change travellers' cheques. After an American man with a broken arm told us we were going the wrong way, and we later realised we weren't, we found the park in the middle of town.

Miraflores is a funny mixture of pretty colonial-style houses and the ubiquitous concrete boxes all of which have metal rods poking out of the top floor, as if hoping for another storey one day. All round the park were cafes and department stores and shops from American chains. We went to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast. Mikey said yeterday that we hadn't really had a weekend for ages, and I know we're on holiday and we have no jobs, but we've been doing things everyday for ages, so we decided to take it easy today, like a proper Sunday. Oh, and it was Mothers' Day today, so all the market stalls were selling flowers, fake and real ones.

After Mikey bought me some more satsumas (now I've found them I'm making up for lost time, and besides, I don't know if I'll be able to get them in Chile) we sat in the park for a while on the inside of a huge circular stone bench with power points all the way round. A bit later we went to a cafe for lunch and sat in the sun for a couple of hours watching everyone taking their mothers out for lunch, all dressed smartly. We found an internet cafe, hoping to post the most recent diary stuff but it wouldn't let Mikey install his drivers se ouldn't upload things, so we just emailed for a while. I found a man selling yesterday's English newspapers and spent the afternoon reading about Americans torturing Iraqis and house prices.

We went out to Burger King for supper and asked the nice man in the hotel to book us a taxi for 11 tomorrow morning. It'll probably take about 45 minutes to get to the airport. Our flight's not until about 3, but we have to do the website things and go through the whole international security thing again. I'm hoping they won't make me put my films through the x-ray machines again, they've probably had enough now. I'll get some developed in New Zealand, but that's still three and a half weeks away.

Night night.

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