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Tuesday 11th May - Santiago de Chile
By Claire
Friday, 14th May 2004 00:10

The hostel has only been open since March, so everything, including the lovely hot shower is brand new and not student-ified yet. We wandered down into the basement to find the internet - a single computer in a huge empty room. The basement has not yet been renovated, it is still about ten huge rooms with stone floors and unplastered walls and tunnels and corridors, it's really lovely. Mikey and I both want to take the place and put it in Bath somewhere. It'd probably be cheaper to do it that way, too.

We left the hostel some of our laundry, and they promised it would be ready by 7pm. We went out shopping, and to find a bank to get some Chilean pesos. There are about 600 to the dollar, which was making calculations difficult until we saw that it was about 1000 to the pound. Much easier. Except that our Spanish hasn't got that far: the highest I got was room number 207, now we need several thousand just for a bottle of water.

We were looking for jumpers because, and I'm NOT going to say it, it's quite cold here. The Chileans are all very well-dressed, fashion-conscious and love shopping, so there are hundreds and hundreds of department stores and clothes shops. And so many lovely winter coats that would be totally impractical to buy now, but were very nice. After several hours of shopping and wandering we found what we were after, thin but warm sweatshirts that would be practical and easy to wash, and we had also found a cinema showing 'Monster' in English at 5.20. We had lunch, took seven films to be developed, found out how to send a parcel home and located an empty box in the supermarket, spent less than £2 each on cinema tickets, and watched 'Monster'. Which was horrible, but really good, and thingy really deserved her Oscar for the film. I should be a film reviewer!

On the way home we stopped at the supermarket to get supper ingredients and then cooked steak and eggs and jacket potatoes and salad (and cheddar cheese!), which was wonderful. Then we watched the end of Kill Bill Volume II in the TV room and now I'm off to bed. Very productive day.

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