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Friday 14th May - Santiago
By Claire
Sunday, 16th May 2004 02:47

We're not doing much at the moment. We want to go to Valparaiso at some stage, which is Chile's second city, an apparently pretty place on the coast. We might go there for the day on Sunday. But we had a lie in (I haven't fallen out of the bunk bed yet. It's actually very warm and comfy and Mikey bought a hot water bottle because although it's warm during the day, it's very cold at night), actually missed breakfast (and they serve it until 11!) and then went out to the doctor again. We couldn't make an appointment and we were recommended to go to the hospital and wait. Which we did. We speak no Chilean (I can't call it Spanish) and no-one speaks English, so in a weird combination of sign language and Spanish we got the message across, and four hours later we got the prescription we wanted and wandered back home via a supermarket.

We've just had supper; we're enjoying this cooking lark, although the lack of saucepans and gas rings that work makes it more difficult. Tomorrow we're going to get tickets to Valparaiso, confirm our flights to Punta Arenas and either find a cable car or a museum to spend the day exploring.

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