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By Mikey
Thursday, 20th May 2004 19:28

It's May and it's cold. That's not right! Ok, we can have some freaky weather in England but we don't usually get temperatures of zero or four degrees in May. It's safe to say that it's Chile here. There, I've done it. I've made a temperature related Chile joke. Sorry it was so obvious.

We left our Hostel in Santiago before breakfast time to grab a bus to the airport. I felt pretty bad as my cold has got worse and we had to stock up on tissues once we'd checked in. We also had breakfast in Dunkin' Donuts. I know we're in a foreign country and we should be fitting in with the culture here but we really fancied a donut. Our flight was ok (Lan Chile are a pretty good airline) except that because of my cold, the last 20 minutes were very, very painful. I don't think I've equalised properly even 24 hours later. Actually it was 40 minutes of pain as we had a stop in Puerto Montt on the way down.

Punta Arenas was foggy and cold when we landed at about 3pm. Thoroughly miserable looking to be honest. We found a passable hotel and Claire got them to reduce their rate by 33%. After I napped for an hour, we went out to wander around the town a bit. By this time it was dark and getting colder - I had several layers on and I was cold. We weren't very hungry having been fed twice during our flight so we looked for something small to eat. We ended up in a place called Lomit's (unfortunate name, but at least the food was ok).

We spent today buying gloves, scarves and hats because it's cold here. Then we tried to sort out what we're going to do for the time that we're here. We booked our flight to Balmaceda and found out that some of things we wanted to do, we couldn't do. For example, the penguins are out of season now.

Tomorrow we're off to Puerto Natales as that's where it all happens apparently. Glaciers and fjords etc.

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