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Going Loco...
By Mikey
Saturday, 17th April 2004 23:53

So, the general idea was to spend a night in Acapulco, because we could, and then move onto Oaxaca. As it turned out, there were no buses for Oaxaca from Acapulco and we would have to go back to Mexico City the following day. This we only found out once we were there and so some of our beach time in the evening went on booking bus tickets. We did get to see the sunset though and it looked pretty good

Our first real Mexican sunset

The bus journey to Acapulco was pretty good itself. It took about 5 hours and the bus was very comfy. Only about 40 seats in total so there was lots of legroom. (National Express take note.) When not admiring the scenery (or when there wasn't any) there were a couple of films showing. One was called "Wasabi" I think. It had Jean Reno in it and was French with Spanish subtitles. My knowledge of both of those languages was sufficient enough to follow the plot :-) The other film, Shanghai Noon, was dubbed in Spanish and was actually kind of fun considering that I hadn't seen it before.

Anyway, enough of all that. We arrived in Acapulco at about 5pm and managed to find our way to the hostel (K3). The heat and humidity were significantly increased from Mexico City and I was very glad that our hostel room was air-conditioned. The size of the room however was quite surprising. The photo doesn't really make it clear but once our bags were in, we couldn't find much room for ourselves!

Once settled, we headed out for the bus tickets back to Mexico City as I mentioned earlier. After we had watched the sunset we walked up and down the sea front looking for somewhere to eat. We had many offers from all of the people outside the numerous establishments and eventually settled on one. The food was perhaps a little over priced but then Acapulco is a big holiday destination.

After a good night's sleep we woke up to the smell of toast. We managed to grab a couple of slices before squeezing into one of the many taxis zooming up and down the seafront in search of a fare. This one happenned to be a VW Beetle (not the 'new' variety, the original). It was the first Beetle ride either of us had had. I think Claire wants one ;-)

So, that was our 15 hours in Acapulco and the start of our journey back to Mexico City. I think I previously mentioned that we went back to Mexico City for a few hours before heading off to Oaxaca.

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