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Monday 18th October - Hong Kong
By Claire
Tuesday, 19th October 2004 06:25

We were in the queue at the visa office half an hour before it opened this morning, to make sure that we would be seen. We got the man with the grumpy reputation, but he was fine, if a little abrupt, with us. He told us to come back on Thursday, which is the day we go to Beijing, so we might accidently have heard 'Wednesday' instead. Then we had death bananas (where they're still too green and crunchy, the skin sticks to them and your mouth goes all dry and fluffy) and chocolate for breakfast and I had a good nap at the hotel and we went swimming in the pool in Kowloon Park. It was a gorgeous, almost perfect pool, with three levels built among fake rocks. There were waterfalls and bridges and a walkway over the water, and lots of space to lie in the sun and read. Which we did. Then we tried to upload some photos but the webhost's not being great at the moment, so we went out for supper instead. Back to the American Restaurant for some wonderful Chinese food. We passed the lovely bathroom showrooms on the way, and stopped at a few of them to play with taps, because you have to. I even collected vinyl floor covering samples. I'm definitely turning into my mother!

We walked back again and watched a CSI we haven't seen. A nice lazy day!

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