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Tuesday 19th October - Hong Kong
By Claire
Monday, 25th October 2004 10:01

We liked the Vietmanese meal we had the other night so much that we thought we'd try the beef rolls again for breakfast. They did a set meal including soup (a massive bowl of noodles and beef and onions and vegetables that's tricky to eat with chopsticks) and a large mug of sweet lime tea. The whole thing was delicious.

We took a couple of films in to be developed, internetted during the meanwhilst and collected them. Then we wandered out to Kowloon and found a bookshop. We have loads of books we've finished with now but nowhere to exchange them. I didn't want to throw them away, so we've packed them all away in the hope that we can swap them sometime. In the meantime I bought one other book which has to last me 28 hours on the train to Beijing.

Then we went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow which Mikey's been wanting to see for ages and I really haven't. It looked like everything I hate about old films, and that's exactly what it was. The first hour was dreadful and it only got a bit better when Angelina Jolie came along. It was almost funny for a while too. In fact, if it had been in proper colour, in focus, not over-exposed and with decent lighting, it might have been a bit entertaining, but it wasn't so I hated it. But Mikey seemed glad to have seen it.

That was it, really. Another day of doing things slowly.

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