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Good morning.
By Claire
Saturday, 3rd April 2004 15:35

We're sitting on the roof of the hostel in hammocks waiting for breakfast! It's quite cool at the moment, the sun's barely risen (it's 7.30 here, 2.30 in the UK), but yesterday's evening temperature was about 21 so it should get warm enough later. There are a few clouds too, so we might get showers.

The hostel's right opposite the Presedential Palace (no doubt you'll get hundreds of pictures tomorrow), and we took a taxi from the airport to bring us here because it was 2 in the morning real time and our bags were far too heavy! I had a long chat with a nice customs man (who confiscated my apples) in Spanish too, and my attempt to speak to the taxi driver resulted in a tirade of Spanish, the only bit of which I got was "muchos traficos" and him asking if I understood! I just nodded enthusiastically as he swerved through eight lanes of high-speed trafic and didn't hit a thing!

The plane journey was fine, no upgrade, but the seats were not particularly uncomfortable anyway. We landed at 6, it took two hours to get through immigration, another 45 minutes for customs and then a while to wait for the taxi. We found the hostel (it looks like they're going to be digging up the road outside after the weekend), checked in, bought some water and went to sleep.

So that's it! Tomorrow we're going to be getting the bus to see some pyramids in a major Aztec site, and on Monday we're off to Acapulco. I quite fancy seeing some of the Museum of Anthropology today, and the Palace just over the road.

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