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Tuesday 4th May - Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu, Cusco
By Claire
Friday, 7th May 2004 01:33

We took the bus back up to Machu Picchu quite early and had to pay another $20 each to get in because our tickets were only valid for four days. But, we figured, we'd come this far, we sort of had to do it.

It was a bright, clear morning and the whole place was virtually deserted and quite spectacular. We walked around for ages taking pictures and just enjoying the views, and then we had a bit of lunch and took the bus back down the hill. We internetted for a bit, I bought a clean T-shirt because everything else had been worn for four days and we had another look through the town. We got on the train at 3.30, and it left, on time, 20 minutes later. We passed though spectacular mountain scenery again, and hundreds of Inca terraces and buildings that were covered in trees and crops.The journey, which should have taken four hours actually took about five and a half because the train broke down, so we were back in Cuzco at our hotel by 10 and we fell straight alseep again.

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