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Friday 28th May - Santiago
By Claire
Saturday, 29th May 2004 04:10

We were playing cards until gone midnight, so we ended up missing breakfast this morning. We bought picnic things from the supermarket, made a picnic and then headed out to the zoo. It was freezing today! Barely reaching double figures, I think. Even with a scarf and gloves it was cold. We took the metro to the hill got off the funicular halfway up./p>

The zoo was surprisingly large and they had masses of animals. I thought the polar bears and condors should have had much larger cages, but all the others seemed very happy, the sealions swam upside down when they thought we were watching, and the giraffes' cage had a viewing level at head height which gave a nice perspective. An eagle flew across the elephants from one handler to the other, and there were hundreds of monkeys, including my favourite monkey, gibbons (the best at swinging). There were llamas and guanacos and a whole host of parrots and peacocks, and something called a mara, which, when it was sitting down, looked like a giant rabbit. Which I could cope with. Some animals are big, as big as a house, and that's alright. But this was a giant rabbit with long, really spindly legs which is plain wrong, and there were hundreds of them all tottering round. It wasn't as bad as a mouse-deer, but it was still upsetting. I must learn to believe Mikey when he says that I might not want to see them.

It took a couple of hours to explore everything, and it was getting dark and starting to rain so we headed back to the hostel. We'll get a pizza later, but for now everyone's watching freaky '80s music videos on the telly so I'm sitting in front of the fire trying to get spindly rabbit legs out of my head.

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