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Monday 7th June - Tahiti, the Cook Islands and the international date line
By Claire
Tuesday, 8th June 2004 20:43

Air New Zealand had their work cut out to make up for Papeete airport, and they didn't manage it by serving breakfast at 5am after we'd been up for 20 hours with no prospect of sleep for another 10. There were also too many children kicking seat backs and babies that insisted on screaming non-stop to make the next hour and a half flight even slightly pleasant. But then we landed in Raratonga, in the Cook Islands, and all had to get out and hang around the airport for ninety minutes. There was a man singing bouncy tunes and playing a miniture guitar, so it was a bit happier for a while.

Back on the plane the babies were louder, the children kicked harder and a lady with too many elbows had chosen to sit next to me. I'm not good when I'm tired. We had another five hours to go until we arrived in Auckland, during which time we'd cross the international date line, which is a big deal for me. It means that I lose a whole day of my life, and Monday becomes Tuesday at 6am. The least they could have done was warn me, or just let me know that it was going to happen: 'And, if you look out of the left side of the plane - not all at once - you'll see the International Date Line and now it's tomorrow.' But they didn't, not a whisper. Very disapointing. I guess it's a good thing I lose a day when I'm in a bad mood!

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