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Wednesday 9th June - Auckland
By Claire
Tuesday, 15th June 2004 21:16

We had Frosties for breakfast with fresh milk, (they don't do fresh milk in South America). It was lovely! And I made cheese sandwiches for lunch, although they don't seem to have Branston here. But the first film-developing place I went into had a lead-lined bag for my films, and the lady even apologised for not having a larger selection! We walked into Auckland city centre and spent the whole day shopping and mooching. We bought bigger sacks for our backpapcks and a few bit of clothing, and I got a new battery for my camera, in a tiny office on the sixth floor of a weird Japanese office block. Just about every second shop in Auckland is a camping store, and almost all the rest seem to be travel agents. We bought a DVD too, to send home when we package a parcel of things, because a whole series of Friends, in one box, was less than half the price it would be in England. Every shop assistant was chatty and friendly, and the guy in the video store didn't seem to want us to leave - he kept starting a new conversation everytime we walked away.

There are parks all the way through the city, so at the end of every few streets is greenery and trees, which is nice, and the traffic lights make a fantastic noise everytime the man changes to green. I think my impression of it annoys or possibly amuses Mikey after a while, but he hasn't said anything yet.

It was a long way to walk back to the hostel so we tried the local bus, complete with polite English voice telling us which stops were coming up. We cooked supper and checked mail and Mikey uploaded some Easter Island photos onto the website, then we watched something on the television and slept for ages!

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