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Thursday 10th June - Auckland
By Claire
Tuesday, 15th June 2004 21:18

We were going to watch the early showing of Harry Potter this morning, but I made Mikey have a long-overdue haircut first. It actually took well over an hour, because the sweet Chinese girl cutting his hair was incredibly thorough and chatty and spent ages telling us the best places in Shanghai and Singapore to buy silk and go to nightclubs. She was still talking to us as we left the shop 90minutes later! So we went to the 2pm showing of Harry Potter, via the photo shop to pick up my pictures and the doughnut shop for cinema food. The film opened here today, and the cinema was surprisingly empty, only about five other people with us. The film was fine, not as good as the others and a bit too linear and unimaginative, but it continued the story. We stopped at the supermarket, then went back to the hostel and made supper, before going back to the cinema to see Elephant, a film I'd wanted to see at home before we left, but Warner didn't show. The film was strangely unsatisfying and very arty, but I'm glad I saw it.

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