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Friday 11th June - Auckland
By Claire
Tuesday, 15th June 2004 21:18

We'd booked a hire car for 4 weeks, starting from today, but it wasn't going to be ready until the afternoon due to some sort of mechanical problem. So we walked into town again, intending to walk up the harbour bridge and get a view of the city, especially as it was such a beautiful day. We got as far as the harbour, but the bridge seemed miles further on. After a quick bit of lunch at a pretty Bristol-esque harbourside cafe, we went back to the hostel to pick up the car. Which wasn't available until the morning. So we wandered out to a park called the Domain, and ended up in the War Memorial Museum which had some great stuffed animals and giant birds. And a tank full of eels too, which is nice. It closed at 5pm, so we only had an hour before they rang a big brass bell and played the Last Post, so we walked back in the dark and had supper. We watched the end of one of our favourite films, The Dish, and Mikey had computer problems until way past the time I was asleep.

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