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Monday 14th June - Kahoe to Opononi
By Claire
Friday, 18th June 2004 22:51

After breakfast we went for a walk to the top of the hill overlooking the sea, which was all part of the farmland. On the way we met the kune kune pigs who snuffled round us a bit, and I was bitten by a donkey. I still think that's really funny.

Our destination for today was the very north of the north Island, the pointy bit at the top. Along the way we stopped at Ninety Mile Beach which was a beach that was, like, really long. There were a lot of cows in fields, a herd of ostriches, loads of turkeys and quite a few sheep. Plenty of round, green hills, views of the sea, big woodlands, and, finally, a lighthouse at the end of the country. The last fifteen miles of the road was unpaved, so it was a bit bumpy, but, as Mikey said, it was a hire car so it didn't really amtter.

After visiting Cape Reinga, we headed back the way we came and took the smaller country roads to a car ferry, and crossed the river to get us to Opononi, where we spent the night. It was dark by the time we arrived and the hostel was a sort of sixth form common room in a portacabin behind a lady's house, which was slightly strange but fine. It had a big fluffy cat, a fire and an odd German girl. We went out to a hotel restaurant just round the corner, and had supper, and then slept for ages.

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