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Saturday 5th June - Moorea
By Claire
Tuesday, 8th June 2004 20:40

We decided to hire bikes today, to see a bit of the island. I don't like bikes, so it was a pretty stupid thing for me to suggest, and it was very hot. But we set off early, with the intention of coming back for breakfast later. There is a very pretty view point about a quarter of the way round the island, where you can see both bays and the volcano, so that's what we headed out for. Unfortunately, we didn't make it that far - after about 40 minutes of cycling I got ridiculously dizzy and sick, possibly through lack of water or breakfast, or toomuch sun, so we ended up coming back to the hotel.

We spent most of the afternoon lounging on the sea, and, when it rained, on the little porch. It rains a lot, and this afternoon it rained heavily for almost two hours, but it wasn't cold at all, so we could still sit outside. After the rain stopped, I swam to the little island just off the beach, and then went to the hotel restaurant for supper. There was a slightly disturbing sarong-wearing demonstration by an over-enthusiastic polynesian woman, which seemed to be part of a pre-dinner show. When her muscley young palm leaf-clad assistant started to round up participants for a dancing display we made ahasty exit and resorted to cheese and bread and ham for supper instead.

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