Macau Pictures
By Mikey
Tuesday, 19th October 2004 06:19

Senate Square in Macau. Nice to see some blue sky for a change.

What remains of St. Paul's (formerly the Church of Mater Dei).

One of Macau's narrow streets over-burdened with tourists who are themselves over-burdened with bags and bags of almond biscuits, a Macanese speciality.

St. Dominic's church. There's nothing special about it really, it just looked rather nice and colonial and we've missed colonial looking things since we left the southern hemisphere.

Still slightly drugged up from our boat trip over to Macau and worn out from lots of walking in the sunshine, we spent several peaceful minutes with this view. I didn't even bother to get up off the bench to take this picture.

Also in Lou Lim Lok park, we saw this weird, bendy bridge.

The entrance to the park.

On our trek from one side of the island to the other, to get from our restaurant back to the ferry port, we saw these flashing lights in the distance. Gambling is legal in Macau and probably less regulated than in Hong Kong, hence the large casinos.

We saw the words "Cybernetic Fountain" on our map and called past to investigate. They weren't as impressive as I had expected but still fun to watch.

Except for the reference to Portugal's capital city, this could have been taken in Las Vegas.