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By Mikey
Sunday, 23rd May 2004 21:37

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Santiago has its own version of the BT tower.

Every country should have one.

The summit of the Santa Lucia park. It´s slap, bang in the middle of Santiago. You can´t miss it.

Santa Lucia in Santiago

A bunch of Cormorants hang out on the pier in Punta Arenas. That´s as happening as it gets at this time of year.


Behind the tree is the Cueva del Miladon. There´s a big plastic sloth in there. Careful.

Cueva del Miladon

Told you.

Claire and a Plastic sloth.

Near to the entrance of the cave there was a tree covered in icicles. This was taken on our first visit to the cave. Most of the icicles had melted when we visited the second time.

A tree covered in ice.

The same icicles but a little bigger.

A tree covered in ice.

A herd of Guanacos (of course I´ve heard of Guanacos) have an early morning meeting.

Viva el chile

The first waterfall we saw on our tour of Torres del Paine.

Splishy, splashy.

Some of the nice lumpy mountains in the Torres del Paine National Park. This was taken in one of the rare moments when the clouds moved out of the way.

Torres del Paine.

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