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By Mikey
Sunday, 23rd May 2004 22:02

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Iceberg! Dead ahead!


Iceberg! Dead ahead! See? That joke never wears thin.

And another iceberg.

Where there´s water, Claire must paddle. Here she is beating a hasty retreat from water in which icebergs are perfectly happy not to melt.

Nice place

Having read my camera manual the previous night, I started experimenting. Plus, it seemed like all the clouds around had to be useful for something.

Arty photo.

We´ve had a couple of sunset pictures and for once we were awake early enough for a sunrise picture. Actually we´ve been awake that early before but at least today the weather helped us out by not leaving lots of nasty clouds lying around.


Moments later, the sun is still rising. Time for another photo.

Sun still rising.

This is the Balmaceda glacier. Fifteen years ago this touched the water.

Balmaceda glacier.

The Serrano glacier. This too used to reach further forward.

Serrano glacier.

Closer to the Serrano glacier.

Serrano glacier.

The sun shining over the sorbet like icebergs that have broken off from the Serrano glacier.

It's a miracle! The sun went down.

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