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By Mikey
Saturday, 29th May 2004 03:26

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As we were admiring the Serrano glacier, there were some condors flying overhead. They didn´t get very close so I had to use my digital zoom to get this picture. Sorry.

A condor

Balmaceda is a very, very bleak and desolate place. We were glad not to be there at night time.

Balmaceda, Chile

We did see a couple of local shops but we didn't go in to any because everything was closed.

Balmaceda, Chile

Santiago as seen from the top of the funicular railway. If you can see it, our hostel is near to the BT Tower.

Santiago, Chile

The Virgin Mary here has the view you've just seen. She also has a ladder attached to her back.

The Virgin Mary

Looking in the other direction, the Andes can be seen looming over Santiago.

The Andes looming over Santiago

This is the station at the bottom of the funicular railway.

Santiago's funicular station

It was a bit too dark for many photos in the zoo but this one of a sleepy tiger turned out ok. Incidentally, this tiger's as big as a house!

A tiger in Santiago zoo

Claire in the hostel kitchen cutting cake.


Cake and some wine. There are a few more bottles around somewhere!

Chilean wine is nice, for the record

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