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By Mikey
Tuesday, 7th September 2004 03:44

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This the KL tower, KL's communications tower. It's the forth highest tower of its type in the world and looks the Petronas towers in the eye even though it is much shorter (they cheated and built it on a hill).

The view from the KL tower at night. Look! It's those pesky Petronas towers again!

The Indian-Muslim styled minaret at the Kapitan Keling mosque in Georgetown, Penang. At precisely 7.23 that night (about 20 minutes after we left), we could hear the call to prayer from several streets away over the noise of the traffic. It's a great sound.

While we were in there chatting to the nice guy who showed us around, I took this photo. It seemed a bit cheeky to me since there were a couple of people praying but the guy really wanted me to take it. It was a very nice mosque though.

An offering next to a 150 year old Chinese market. They're like giant inscense stick but they don't smell of much. Beneath them on the ground was the remains of a small fire where fake money had been burned as a part of the offering.

Part of the Chinese market.

A ceremony in the market that we presumed brought good luck or something like that. We didn't speak Chinese well enough to find out.

Kek Lok Si temple is Malaysia's biggest buddhist temple. There was a good deal of singing and chanting going on inside.

From the top of Penang hill, looking back down at Georgetown and the funicular railway.

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